Collaborative-Generated Presentations/Resources

Group presentation given at CUNY’s Diversity and Equity Conference

Spring’s presentation on pedagogical principles/syllabus suggestions

Spring’s presentation on antiracist grading

Collaborative recommendations for syllabus template

Recommended Readings

Special Issue: The Pedagogy of Antiracism

Columbia University CTL’s Anti-Racist Pedagogy in Action: First-Steps

Wheaton College CTL’s Becoming an Antiracist Educator

Brown University CTL’s resource on Inclusive Teaching (includes sections on antiracist teaching and inclusive mentoring)

John Jay TLC’s Anti-Racist Pedagogy Resources

John Jay TLC’s Starter/Refresher Kit for Instructors

Antiracist Pedagogy Reading List

Social Justice Design Principles

Source: Taylor et al. The Social Justice Syllabus Design Tool: A firs step in doing social justice pedagogy, Journal Committed to Social Change on Race and Ethnicity 5:2 (2019) (Link to PDF)

Source: Modeling Inclusive Pedagogy: Five Approaches  (DOI: